Xadon and the Environment

At Xadon, we believe that a responsible management of waste is one of the most effective ways to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that all waste created at our premises is recycled or, if that’s not possible, properly disposed of.

We are now proud to recycle a huge range of components – from inks to aluminium plates; cardboard to plastic drums; solvents to wooden pallets – items that would once have gone to landfill but are now processed as a source of valuable raw materials.

We achieve this by working closely with the UK’s leading print waste management company, which currently recycles 95% of the waste it collects. This helps ensure that plastic items are shredded and used as raw material for the manufacturing of drainage pipes; founts and solvents are treated for re-use as a low-grade fuel; aluminium plates are re-used in the motor and construction industries; and cardboard is shredded and baled to become animal bedding.

It’s a process that we believe makes economic and environmental sense – and is a vital part of our drive towards environmental sustainability.

Xadon’s printing processes have the lowest environmental impact possible. Our plate making system is chemical free and we use vegetable-based inks and bio-degradable lamination when required by customers.

All waste products, including paper, pallets, ink tins, press chemicals, pallets etc. are recycled through local recycling companies.