Variable Data Printing

What is our variable data printing service?

With our Ricoh Pro C751ex digital printing press the text, graphics, and images can be changed from one printed item to the next . This is known as variable data printing – this is true one-to-one marketing and you can create a unique message for each recipient or target market.

You can base all of your documents on a master template so branding is consistent and the main key messages are the same. However, you can use the intelligence in your database to create highly personalised and relevant documents. For example if you have data about your customers age, sex, address, and shopping habits you can create a marketing piece that is uniquely targeted towards them.

Variable data printing can also be used to create Point of Sale material that is unique to branches i.e. posters in restaurants and shops can have the same look and feel but an offer or headline unique to the individual branch.

What can you print with variable text and images?

Our variable data printing services are ideal for:

• Direct mail campaigns • Transactional mail • Posters • Brochures • Welcome packs • Surveys • Postcards

Including personalised images in your marketing material can help increase your response rates dramatically. This is a great example of variable data printing, using variable data images as well as variable data text and typical personalisation.

Variable data image personalisation is ideal for direct mail campaigns, brochures, cards, and postcards.

Benefits of variable data printing

The increased personalisation and relevancy through variable data printing is proven to:

• Variable data printing can increase response rates. • Variable data printing can increase order values. • Variable data printing can grow customer loyalty. • Variable data printing can improve return on investment.